Melaleuca – Will You Make Money Here? Or Is It A Scam?

Melaleuca review: Melaleuca was founded in Idaho Falls, Idaho over 20 years ago. Currently, Melaleuca offers over 300 health and wellness, skincare, personal care, and home care products that are marketed through their distributors.

Melaleuca Growing Pains

Melaleuca has had some ups and downs in their business. In 1985, Frank Vandersloot was tasked to take over the company and make it more competitive in the industry. He drafted a new marketing plan and make Melaleuca’s products comply with all FDA’s safety and regulatory polices.

The company markets vitamins and supplements, personal hygiene items, first-aid items, and even household cleaning products. What stands out with this company is that all of its products contain melaleuca oil, which is often considered to be the most pre form of tea tree oil. The products which contain melaleuca oil have all been tested, and have been found to offer no adverse health effects.

How To Make Money In Melaleuca

You can become a distributor or independent representative for $30. Pretty cheap. You will still need to purchase $35 per month to maintain your distributor active and receive commissions from your sales team or downline.

If you added up the annual cost, it comes to a little bit over $400 bucks. The costs irrelevant because you would be buying these products anyway accept your getting a higher quality product and making some money because of it. However, just by buying the products is not going to earn you commissions. You still need to learn how to market and recruit others into your business.

Would Investing Time & Resources Be A Good Thing?

Critics will tell you that MLM companies are a waste of time and will drain your wallet in the process. I say you get out what you put in. Granted the vast majority of Melaleuca’s distributors are not making that much money, some are probably losing money. It is also true that a lot of top earners in the company got in right from the beginning. I can’t dispute that. However, I can tell you this, If you really want to be successful in Melaleuca or anything other business, then you need to be self-motivated, coachable, and willing to learn the strategies and tactics that will explode your business. This is a business, Not a guarantee.

MLM industry veterans say that the mean average payout for independent sales agents who remained active for one year was pegged at only $9.66 per week, or around $520 a year. In addition, MLM experts argue that the company’s top 30 distributors accounted for around 35% of the total payout, with each top distributor getting over $2,400 a week.

So in summary, does Melaleuca’s business opportunity plan work, and is it viable in the long run? Well, it’s true that the company offers a superb array of health and wellness products, as well as household care items. The products that the company is selling are basically items that most consumers are looking for, although they may be a bit more expensive than the ones you see in your grocery shelf or drug store.

Critics and naysayers may not believe this, and may say negative stuff as well, but Melaleuca offers a business opportunity system that works. The sad thing is that, it may take some time before you get substantial returns on your investment.

While some may be quick to point out that this company is a scam, the truth is that just like any other business, your success will depend on your skill-set as a independent marketer. When joining Melaleuca, you’ll be encouraged to distribute free samples and flyers, as well as brochures and business cards. The trick to succeeding in Melaleuca’s MLM set-up is to stay “motivated”, as most company officers or trainers will continue to assert. How you keep your motivation up, is all up to you.

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