ACN Compensation Plan Review

All right my friend. I’m going to break down the acn compensation plan so you can understand it.

If you are going to invest, time, effort and money into building a long term business with ACN, it’s vital to understand how you’re going to be paid.

One of the greatest tragedies in network marketing is the fact that people start a new business based on hype and what the “top earners” on the videos say they are making. Very few people really make an effort to understand exactly how the compensation plan works.

Please do not be guilty of doing that with the acn compensation plan.

There are really 2 categories of income with ACN.

Customer acquisition bonuses, which are 1 time, up front bonus monies that are paid for recruiting new customers into ACN.

This is where I like to focus. Residual income is what it’s really all about. This is the cash you get over and over again for one time efforts.

So what do these to categories look like in a little more detail?

Let’s take a look at the three different types of CAB’s.

The personal acquisition bonus is basically paid when you help a new rep bring in x number of customers. This number is usually 6-8. It’s really a leadership development bonus which means, you don’t get the CAB for enrolling customers yourself but rather for helping people you personally sponsored enroll customers.

Open Line
Any time someone in your enrollment tree becomes a team trainer, you get this bonus.

A few things you need to be aware of here.

1) In order to be eligible to receive this bonus, you’ll have to have 20 active customers yourself. You also must have helped 2 of them hit the first leadership level with ACN.

2) Any time someone below you reaches or passes your status, they will then collect the open line bonuses on everything below them and you won’t get anything.

In my opinion, this can have somewhat of a negative effect as leaders might want to keep members on their team from advancing so they can continue to collect the open line bonuses.

Definitely something to consider.

You can make some decent up front money with the ACN CAB’s if you’re good at building leadership and helping people reach their goals quickly.

This is where the ACN comp plan really falls short.

It’s really the long term income that entices us to be in network marketing. If we were only concerned about the up front money, we’d get a sales job.

Forget having a sales job! I want residuals!

It’s for this reason that you’ll need to really examine the ACN compensation plan.

The acn compensation plan is composed of 2 different ways to make residual income.

My friend, you’re going to have to work your butt off to make any serious money here.

Here’s an example.

Depending on how much your personal customers are spending on ACN services each month, you’ll get two to eight percent of those monthly bills.

It just doesn’t amount to very much when you compare this percentage to what other companies are paying!

The sad truth is there just isn’t much margin in these kinds of services. This means there’s not a lot of room for paying out big residual commissions.

I ran across a company last week that pays almost $50 for every personally enrolled customer. $1 or $50? I’m gonna go with the higher commission myself.

It doesn’t get any better with team residuals.

In the acn compensation plan, all your personal sponsors go right under you and theirs go right under them. This continues down for seven generations. This type of plan is known as a unilevel.

One of my friends makes $250,000 per month in a unilevel. To really make good money with these types of plans, you’ve got to have higher commission payouts though.

In ACN, you’re looking at one quarter of 1 percent commission on the vast majority of your organization. Wow! That’s just not very much money.

Simple logic tells you that to make big money with this type of a comp play you’ll have to have some massive duplication happening in your team.

You can make big money with the acn compensation plan. There are some incredibly wealthy people in this company. I just don’t think the average person is going to be able to recruit the numbers needed to make a substantial amount.

ACN is a good company with good products. They are the largest direct sales telecommunications company in the world and they do business in 20 countries.

ACN is definitely not a scam.

Recruiting thousands and thousands of people so you can make a good income will be hard to do for most ACN reps.

I could be wrong but I think I make some good points, don’t you?

There are lots of folks that have made great money with ACN. How’d they do it?

It all happened by finding and enrolling HUGE amounts of people.

You can do it to if you want.

The internet makes it easier than ever to find, connect with and recruit large numbers of people for your business.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this acn compensation plan review. Never forget that the acn compensation plan can only pay you big money if you can fill it up with reps and customers. If you’d like to learn how to generate an unlimited number of FRESH leads and cash flow for your network marketing business go to right now to sign up for the FREE training.

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