Is Market America A Network Marketing Scam? An Insider’s Perspective.

So… You’re research Market America because you are thinking of starting your own business in the network marketing industry. But first you want to do some research to see if it make good business since. Good for you! Most people make these these decision purely on emotion and do no research before joining a company like Market America. By you taking the time to research a company before you join shows you have leadership qualities. That’s FANTASTIC!! as that is 80% of the battle.

Now let’s discover if Market America (MA) is the Ideal company for you and does it make since to dedicate your time and money to build this business.

About Market America:

Market America was founded in the early 90’s by J.R Ridinger from within his garage. Currently, Market America’s corporate office is located in North Carolina. They brand themselves as the “Mall Without Wall” due to being an internet based shopping portal that allows their customers to shop from within their home.

Due to Market America’s substantial growth over the years they have received some attention in the media. Ranging from Forbes Magazine, People Magazine. Miami Herald, Entertainment Tonight and CBS.

Additionally, Market America’s numbers are impressive. According to their annual report they have over 100,000 distributors, 6 million customers and 3 billion in accumulated retail sales. Market America conducts business in four different countries: US, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia and employs over 600 employees globally.

Market America’s product exclusivity is a fantastic benefit to their distributors, as they cannot be found in any retail outlet.

Here are some of their products:

Transitions Lifestyle System – Transitions is a fantastic nutritional program that allows people to lose weight by following a low glycemic life style.

Torch – Designed for athletes to help promote muscular performance and growth

Isotonix OPC3 – Promotes cardiovascular health.

Gene SNP – Supplementation designed around your DNA

Additionally, Market America has over 1000 partner stores, which allows a distributor to earn bonus volume (BV) points from stores like Wal-Mart, Target and BestBuy. This is similar to affiliate programs used by internet marketers but you do not receive cash, you receive BV instead.

Market America’s Compensation Plan:

Market America’s business model is based on a 2-5 year plan on a binary compensation model. Distributors can start earning income immediately from their own personal web portal without sponsoring the two reps required to activate their business. The fundamentals of the plan are built around building loyal customers who are willing to purchase products from your “Mall Without Walls” on a consistent basis.

If your are seriously looking to join the Market America family as a distributor, you can feel confident that you’re joining a good company with both good products and a solid compensation plan. Market America is also looking for other markets to expand their business into, providing more opportunities for their distributor to grow their business.

So you may be asking… is it possible to get rich building a Market America business, ABSOLUTELY!! However, they teach old school marketing tactics to their distributors, which will take longer to achieve your dreams.

If you have the ability to meet people and instantly start building a relationship with them, can pitch your business to everybody within 3 feet of you, and get them to join your business, you could be very successful with their marketing strategy. Elizabeth Weber is the top producer within Market America, she is a master of “one-to-one” marketing. She is a great example of somebody who has been very successful in building their business primary offline. Rumor has it that she makes 120k a month, surpassing JR as the top income earning in the company.

I have met Elizabeth in person and she is a very dynamic individual who exudes leadership, which would make anybody want to join her opportunity.

Most people do not have the leadership characteristics of Elizabeth Weber when it comes to building a network marketing business. They get all caught up in the moment and join a company, dreaming of the day when they can retire within the next two to five years, but never sponsor another rep. Failing miserably.

Ok… I have a few questions for you. Are you a person who can walk up to people and pitch them your business? Do you have the ability to sell anything to anybody? Can you make cold calls and close them? Better yet, do you want too? By branding yourself on the internet as a leader in the network marketing industry you can magnetically generate 20 to 100 leads a day in to your business almost overnight. So.. Would you prefer to go out and talk to 20 people a day and pitch them your business. or would you prefer to have 20 to 100 leads a day come to you and ask to join your business? Well I guess that is a question for you to answer.

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