Advocare Review – Unbiased Expert Review of Advocare

Advocare Review- An Unbiased 3rd Party Review of Advocare
To start off this Advocare review, I’d like to applaud you on doing your research before just joining this business opportunity on a whim. No matter who you’ve spoken with regarding Advocare, it’s at all times good to get a third party expert opinion from someone who is not trying to recruit you into the business. As you read this review, you will hear more about the products and how you can make money in Advocare, if you decide to join.

First of all, Advocare was founded by Charles E. Ragus in 1993. The fact that the company has been around for so long goes to show that it’s 100% legitimate and not a scam (in case you were wondering). Obviously you’ll see forums and posts on the Internet warning you that they joined & did not earn a single dime. They’re out there blaming their failure on Advoare and bashing the company when really, it isn’t the company’s fault, or the fault of the ex-distributor. Failure in this industry is a result of a deficiency of the appropriate marketing training. I’ll explain this further in just a minute.

Advocare’s most popular product is the Spark energy drink. They have lots of other products on their website, including weight loss, diet, and supplements. The five categories of products in their line are Tri, Active, Well, Performance Elite, and Definite Difference. Although I have never actually taken any of the products, they seem to have a lot of science backing them up, and based on some Advocare reviews I found on products, people commonly seem delighted with their performance.

The Advocare compensation plan uses a stair step breakaway payment plan. If you took a look at the comp plan and your eyes started to glaze over, don’t worry – I’ll explain. The ‘breakaway’ part of this type of pay plan basically means that as you grow your team and you have a member that gets to a certain higher rank in the company, they simply “break away.” At that point, you’ll earn a smaller bonus amount on their entire team. Now, some people love this type of model, but quite frankly most people (including myself when I first looked at it) find it hard to understand and even more difficult to build a residual income from, because of the confusing qualifications.

Odd as it may seem, the most important thing you need to look at when you’re considering joining Advocare or any company for that matter is actually not the products, or the compensation plan. Yes, of course you want to make sure that the company is legit and the products are decent, and in this review, you’ve already learned that. Therefore, at this point you’re going to learn the most imperative aspect to take into consideration as you are making this business decision: The support and training system. Honestly, Advocare does not even have a good way of training their reps. I’m sure the guy or gal that pitched the business opportunity to you likely explained to you how “simple” it is to simply speak to a few of your neighbors or relatives, and they will just sign up under you. But I’m going to level with you – that’s just not how it works. When they talk about the money you can make with Advocare, just by talking to a couple of people in your warm circle of friends, understand that, that works for less than 3% of Advocare distributors and causes the remaining 97% to fail and go broke. The fact of the matter is, the people who really become wealthy in Advocare, have learned how to effectively market their business and do not rely on out-dated warm market techniques.

Now that you know from this Advocare review that there’s no Advocare Scam – you may be considering joining the company. Before you do, be sure to gain access to my FREE and exclusive Advocare training

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